Where You Go I Will Go

“Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.” –Ruth 1:16

 Six years ago, one of my friends included that verse as part of her vows with her new husband. I hadn’t yet met my husband, and I didn’t fully understand yet just how appropriate that was. Although my husband and I did not include that verse in our vows—or elsewhere in our wedding, for that matter—it has been our promise to each other and to God.

When we moved to the desert two years ago, I wondered why we were here. I wondered when we would be able to leave.

Often, I still ask those same questions. But just as often, I find the answers.

We are here because God led us here, and He led us here for a reason. We have had so many opportunities to impact others in the short time we’ve been here. Some of our best and most influential relationships with baseball players have been built over these two years. Some of my best and most influential relationships with students have developed over these two years. Still, at a community college, those relationships are short-lived. At the most, a student-athlete will stay for three years. My students may take a few classes from me, but they eventually move on as well.

God led us here to serve a purpose, and he is keeping us here for that purpose. We may not know exactly what that reason is at any given point in time. We may not know when we’re leaving or where we will go next or why we will be there, but we will follow where He leads us nonetheless.

Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay.

This is the mantra of a coach’s wife. Or maybe it’s the mantra of any Christian. It’s not about what we might think we want. It’s not about comfort or security. It’s about seeking God’s purpose for our lives and following wherever He leads. It’s the most challenging promise we make, but it is perhaps also the most important promise.


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