Moving…In Season…While Pregnant

I’ve moved twelve times in the past ten years. Or eight times. I say twelve, but my husband says I can only count eight of them. Either way, I consider myself a bit of an expert at moving and packing.

Last month, we moved during baseball season for the first time—I say “moved” because all our things are in the new house, but we certainly aren’t done unpacking or settling—and it was by far my most unique and unpredictable moving experience. Oh, and being almost eight months pregnant didn’t make it easier.

We planned our major moving days around the baseball schedule. Then we realized there actually was a game on one of the days we had planned, so that restricted our schedule. And then my husband had a recruit come to visit campus on the same day which restricted our schedule even more. So we had to readjust our plans.

We had a few baseball players we’d roped into helping us, and we found out one of the main days we’d scheduled for moving was the weekend of a 21st birthday and one of our helpers was going out of town for the weekend. Then another was invited to stay with his grandpa in Palm Springs for the weekend. So, again, we had to be flexible.

My husband and his baseball players spent the late mornings and early afternoons throughout the week moving everything. Fortunately, two of them had trucks, and our new house is only about 1.5 miles from our old house, so they were able to easily make a few trips each day. (By the way, we’re a couple of weeks into what is forecasted to be 40 consecutive days that reach above 100 degrees.) Unfortunately, this is all while I was at work, so I had no idea what was getting moved when or where anything could be. In other words, my “expert” moving a packing skills were useless.

I’d started off strong in packing organized boxes that could easily go to a particular room to be unpacked but between my own exhaustion and the schedule getting moved forward quite a bit, I ended up throwing half of our things into completely random boxes. And because these were things that were packed last, most of them were things that get used on a semi-regular basis. In short, everything is a mess.

Now, in the midst of the busyness of summer baseball, long work days, pregnancy, and triple-digit temperatures, our limited free time is torn between the tasks of unpacking, preparing for a baby, and various household projects that we hope will help make our new house a comfortable home.

This whole process has been a microcosm of the life of a coaching family. These are our life lessons:

  • Plans change. Constantly.
  • Prioritizing and balancing are virtues.
  • The chaos never quits.
  • Baseball doesn’t stop just because life is happening, and life doesn’t stop just because baseball is happening.
  • College athletes will work for food.
  • Our team is our extended family.
  • You have to learn to let go of control.




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