Summer Baseball Opening Weekend

Around this time last year, I was appreciating the lull between the seasons. I wasn’t ready for a new season to start, but when it did, my passion for this lifestyle was renewed.

This year is the opposite.

I’ve been ready for our summer season to start practically since the spring season ended. One of the things that set me over the edge and made me most eager for summer baseball was so tiny and so simple. One of our returning summer players who we haven’t seen since August mailed his deposit to secure his spot on the team, and he addressed it to both of us. It’s such a small thing. It’s a name on an envelope, but something about it warmed my heart. It made me excited to see this young man again. It was a reminder that the small things can make an impact too.

Our season opens in Las Vegas again, but this year I have to miss it. Last year, I didn’t really want to have anything to do with that trip until it had started. This year, I want to have that experience again, but unfortunately, I’m not able to. I know there will be plenty of season left after that, and I won’t be missing much of it—I’ll miss less than I did last year—but I still can’t help but feel as though I’m missing out on a special opportunity to walk alongside my husband as he begins a new season with a new group of athletes (even if only a few are athletes he’s never coached before).

I know how much starting a new season means to him. I know how the nerves impact him. I know what it’s meant to him to have my help at the start of new summer seasons over the last couple of years.

However, I also know that I’m missing out for the right reasons. I know that I cannot be at every game or every opening day no matter how much I may want to. I’m excited that I get to spend the weekend with family and friends who I do not see nearly enough. I know this is going to be an important rest-filled weekend to kick off an incredibly busy summer that will be spent not just on baseball but also on teaching, moving, and preparing for the arrival of our first child. This weekend will be one of those little things that helps us prepare for the big things in all the best ways. And even though I’ll be missing out on so many little things that happen in an opening weekend of our summer season, I am so excited for my own little adventure.


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