The Uniforms I Wear

I, of course, a coach’s wife. But being a coach’s wife means so much more than merely being a coach’s wife.

I am a cheerleader and supporter in tragic losses as well as exciting wins.

I am a nail-biter and hair-puller in the bottom of the ninth and other nerve-racking moments.

I am a chef and a baker.

I am a photographer.

I am a stat-keeper during games.

I am a tallier and calculator of stats after games.

I am a team mom.

I am a teacher.

I am a reporter in those moments when the coaches must know.

I am a social worker and sometimes a counselor.

I am a sounding board and secret-keeper.

I am a provider of sustenance, encouragement, and support.

I am a worrier.

I am a recruiter.

I am a driver.

I am a team treasurer.

I am a pizza-orderer in the top of the seventh.

I am an organizer, distributer, and deliverer of equipment and uniforms.

I am and I do whatever is needed in whatever situation arises. These are only a few of the things on the list of what being a coach’s wife has meant to me.

What are your roles as a coach’s wife?


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