Staying Positive

I am a teacher, and my husband is a coach. In both careers any career, it is easy to get carried away being focused on the things that aren’t going well.

In teaching, I get wrapped up with the students who are struggling, the ones who just aren’t getting it. Their paragraphs are under-developed. They fail their quizzes. Their cars break down. Their children get sick, their spouses leave, and they get diagnosed with cancer. They miss class because of one thousand other things happening in their personal lives. And I spend my time worrying about how I can possibly teach them, how I can possibly help them.

In coaching, we get caught up with the athletes who are struggling, the ones who just aren’t thriving. They make errors and can’t get a hit, or they can’t throw a strike. They get injured in practice or at a game, and they aren’t sure if or when they will play again. They’re ineligible because they failed a few classes or didn’t enroll in enough credits. They can’t pay their rent or afford to buy food. They break up with their girlfriends, or their girlfriends are pregnant. Their grandparents die in a car accident, or their parents get sick. And we spend our time worrying about how we can possibly help them, what we can possibly do for them.

Meanwhile, the majority of the team is thriving, but it’s so easy to overlook that. It’s easy to forget that so many great things are happening when a few things that aren’t great get in the way.

This weekend, one of my favorite bloggers started a feature called #BecauseBaseball. This was the perfect reminder for me to stay focused on the things that are going right, to stay positive in the midst of all the chaos.

Here are a few things that have gone well in the past week:

  • My dog has gotten plenty of playtime with the long road trips that kick of the season.
  • Several of our pitchers are off to a strong start.
  • Several of our hitters are batting above .300 after the first four games.
  • Our team has put up a tough fight against very good teams.
  • The Broncos won the Superbowl, and that makes my husband very happy.
  • The first set of papers in all of my classes were very strong.

Stay tuned for more of the great things that have been happening in this baseball coaching family.


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