Discipleship Night 6: How Great is Our God

Tonight was our last discipleship night of the semester, so we combined it with a bit of a holiday celebration. After dinner, we showed the first twenty minutes of this video:

If you don’t have twenty minutes right now, it’s Louie Giglio sermon at a Chris Tomlin concert. Giglio illustrates the vastness of creation by illustrating the size of some of the largest stars in the universe and comparing them to the size of Earth. It’s absolutely worth the watch. The main point he gets to near the end of the first twenty minutes is how small this can make us feel, but it makes us feel small in the best way. It allows us to be aware of just how great God is. Moreover, it puts His love for us in perspective. He created all that, yet he knows every bit of us.

After a brief discussion of the video, we had a white elephant gift exchange. It was a lot of fun, and guys were thrilled about their silly gifts.

The spring gets busy during baseball season with games three days each week and study hall one night each week, so please pray that we’ll be able to find a consistent time in our schedule to continue this valuable time together and grow this ministry. Pray that we will not only be able to find time in our schedule to host and lead, but also pray that the guys will continue to find time in their own schedules to attend.

On the menu:

Tortellini Tomato Soup

Caesar salad


Cake batter chocolate chip cookies



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