10 Things You Didn’t Know You had to Plan for as an MOH

This post is a bit outside of my usual M.O., but my time has been preoccupied lately, so inspiration has also come from different places. Stay tuned for my usual coach’s wife posts to return soon.

So, you’re going to be a maid/matron of honor. Congrats! There’s tons of great advice out there on the internet to help you get through things like bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and speeches. But if you’re truly committed to preventing problems on your bestie’s big day, you’ll want to consider some of these details.

  1. Make sure the bride’s dress and other wedding-day necessities are transported to the venue in a reliable vehicle by a reliable driver.
  2. Make sure the caterer understands traffic patterns and plans for them.
  3. You may know it’s your job to help keep issues away from the bride’s attention; however, you may not realize that this requires you to tell everyone to keep issues away from the bride’s attention. While you are out taking care of things, someone else might swoop in and get her involved. Don’t allow it!
  4. You may know it’s your job to help hold the bride’s dress while she pees. You may not know that some venues only have port-o-potties. Don’t let the dress fall in!
  5. Double-check the bride’s bustle before the first dance. If it’s messed up, it might look funny in pictures, but if you try to fix it mid-dance, you will be interfering with a special moment.
  6. Bobby pins are useful for attaching pearls and dog-tags to a bouquet.
  7. Having trouble zipping the wedding dress? Two words: adjust breasts.
  8. Outdoor wedding? Bring bug spray!
  9. Sometimes caterers throw rented silverware in the garbage. Try to make sure they know this is not the preferred method of clean-up.
  10. Make sure the groom’s overnight bag gets placed in the correct getaway car.

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