Coach’s Wife Summer Bag

Few things bring me more peace of mind than feeling fully prepared. After the Vegas fiasco, I decided I needed to do more preparing.

Here’s how I’ve compiled my summer bag:

1. This over-sized canvas bag was on sale at JoAnn’s last week. It’s reversible, and the interior is white with black polka dots.


2. This Mary Kay organizer travel tote stores just about everything listed below.



3. Pens, pencils, chapstick, and hand sanitizer attach to the strap of the bag with this pouch.


4. Athletic tape. Coach uses this to post lineups, home game duties, etc. in the dugout.


5. Sunscreen. So, so much sunscreen.


6. Bug spray. I may not need this in Southern California like I needed it in Kansas, Oregon, and Washington, but I would hate to need it and not have it.


7. Eye drops. That baseball dust is always giving guys dry eyes.


8. Hair ties. I always have one either in my hair or on my wrist, but for some odd reason, baseball guys are always growing their hair long, and you just never know if they’ll need a hair tie.


9. More Band-Aids than you can shake a stick at, and some Neosporin.


10. Wet Ones. My husband laughed at me for this one, but he’s already needed to use them to get spray paint off his fingers.


11. Facial tissue is a must for a variety of reasons. This weekend, I used it to keep sunscreen from dripping into my eye when it was 90 degrees.


12. The guys are always asking for Gold Bond, especially after a long, hot day of baseball.


13. Q-tips. You never know how these bad boys might come in handy. I’m imagining cleaning dirt out of a scrape from an intense slide.


14. Contact solution. The guys get dry eyes from the dirt, and it’s much worse for the ones with contacts, particularly on windy days.


15. Pain killers. We all need these at times.


16. Energy bars to cure low blood sugar.


17. Sunflower seeds. Ok, so they only lasted a day.


Now, if only I could fit a couple of pitchers in the bag.


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