30 Days of Prayer for Our Marriage

Day 1 – May 7

After a frustrating and chaotic morning, my husband recommended that we commit to building a new habit with no excuses. 30 days of prayer together each morning. Although we’d both known it was coming, at the time we made this commitment, neither of us was conscious of the fact that it was the national day of prayer. So fitting. I also signed up for the 30-Days and 31-Days of praying for your husband challenges through both Revive Our Hearts and Praying For Him, and I sought out daily prayer ideas to ensure I would pray for a variety of facets of my husband.

Days 2-6 – May 8-12

Through the prayer topics I was sent, our morning devotional time, music we’ve heard on the radio, and Sunday’s sermon, God started revealing to us consistent messages. Most prominently, our focus became loving God, loving others, listening to God, and trusting where He would lead us. This is especially appropriate timing for us as summer is always the time for coaching turnover. Although we’re not actively looking to leave, we are looking for open doors that would propel Ricky’s career forward. We are making peace with both potential realities that God may have in store for us: either we will stay and continue to serve in new ways here, or we will leave and start over in a new place that may or may not be desirable to one or both of us.

Days 7-12 – May 13 – 18

God taught us the importance of patience. Sometimes when we implement changes like this, we get excited to see how God will work, and we lose sight of the bigger purpose of simply drawing near to Him and growing in our own faith.

Day 13 – May 19

When we stopped looking for God to work in our lives, we started finding small ways in which He was.

Days 14-20 – May 20 – 26

It’s amazing how prayer can change your heart. The more we pray for each other, the deeper our love grows, and the easier it is to communicate with one another. Of course, we are far from perfect, but I do feel there are tangible improvements in how we regard one another when we are in the habit of coming before God and selflessly asking what is best for one another rather than focusing on our selfish human habits.

Days 21-22 – May 27 – 28

We always need to be humbled and reminded that we cannot do anything on our own, even praying is not the answer. God is. These days brought a great deal of stress and frustration for both of us, but in many ways, I think we needed that. We needed to be reminded that praying together each morning is not enough. We also need to fall on our knees in other moments throughout the day and make prayer a lifestyle instead of a habit.

Days 23-25 – May 29 – 31

We were out of town to kick off our baseball season, and… yikes. This was a good reminder of how hard it is to find time to pray together when we get out of our normal routine.  We did stick to our plan and didn’t miss a day, but a lot of stress in getting baseball games organized built up before we realized how much we needed to bring everything before the Lord.

Days 26-30 – June 1 – 5

One of the most prominent prayers we have been bringing before God together each day is that our trust in Him will grow. Well, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If you ask God to teach you to trust him, He will leave you with no other choice. These three days were a case of “everything that can go wrong does.” Yet, in the midst of our panic, one of us would always remember to stop and remind us both to entrust it to God.

This whole journey over the last 30 days was a rollercoaster. But it certainly brought us closer together and closer to God. We do intend to continue prioritizing prayer time together each day, and we’re looking forward to seeing how God continues to work in our lives and use us for His Kingdom.


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