Ten Things of Thankful Week #12

  1. God’s provision.
  2. My husband’s strength.
  3. My new Walker Baseball shirt.
  4. My dog’s affection and loyalty.
  5. Confidence entering summer semester. (Or denial. It starts Monday, and I’m not nervous. Might be confidence. Might be denial.)
  6. So many fun things to look forward to in the next week.
  7. My husband got an A on his first grad school assignment! (I knew he would, but he had his doubts.)
  8. A surprise day off from baseball for our pitchers to rest.
  9. A week of delicious, healthy meals.
  10. The fact that I was able to come up with ten things this week. I really didn’t think I would be able to with all the things that went wrong… but I did it!

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