Ten Things of Thankful Week #9

  1. A consistent and persistent message from God. When sermons, readings, discussions, etc. all confirm a similar message in a short period of time, it’s apparent that I need to focus on that thing. It’s nice to have a bit of clarity.
  2. My husband’s hard work.
  3. The map on our bedroom wall, and the mornings we spend mulling over where God may call us next, where we want to go, and our willingness to forego what we want if we know we’re being called elsewhere.
  4. My vacuum broke. In the long run, this isn’t great. But right now it means I don’t have to vacuum.
  5. My petition to graduate is complete!
  6. Date day getaway to see our two favorite MLB teams compete. (Especially when my team wins.)
  7. A surprise meeting with my uncle, aunt, and cousins at the Angels game!
  8. Encouragement to my husband from the Rockies’ strength and conditioning coach.
  9. The arrival of my instructor’s edition of my summer textbook.
  10. Time to read for fun.

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