Our Coaching Journey

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Journey.”

In our bedroom, we have a map on our wall. Around the border are these lyrics from Tim McGraw’s “Set this Circus Down”: “We keep rolling down this highway, chasing all these crazy dreams. […]  “One of these days we’ll find a piece of ground just outside some sleepy little town and set this circus down.”

It suits us.

The coaching family lifestyle is, by much of the word’s standards, a crazy dream. Between our creative packing strategies, our ridiculously energetic dog, and our wild efforts at feeding massive numbers of collegiate athletes out of our tiny kitchens, we’re running quite the circus. (And we don’t even have kids of our own yet!)

Our coaching journey is still young (even for Ricky who’s entering his tenth year of it), yet it’s already taken us through so much. And I’m not just referring to the physical relocations.

This journey has taught us more about perseverance than we ever thought we would need to know. Whether it’s the perseverance needed to survive a long and hectic day, to snap a 10-game losing streak, to handle days—or even weeks—without seeing each other, or to cushion rejection from top recruits and desired jobs, the coaching journey requires nothing more than it requires perseverance.

This journey has taught us about unconditional love. We learned to love the knucklehead who grew up in foster care and lacks a full understanding of the word respect. We learned to love the rich kid who has never needed to work for anything before this. We learned to love the guy with no talent but unlimited motivation. Even when they make me want to pull my hair out, I root for them, I take pride in their successes, and I swear I’d be the first to pull out the mama-bear claws on anyone who dares to even think a negative thought about any of them.

This journey has taught us about our own shortcomings, but it has equally taught us about God’s power that is made perfect in our weakness. We wouldn’t be here without His grace.

Our coaching journey has transformed us. It’s equipped us with the dispositions to work with a variety of personalities. It’s made us flexible and open to change, be that a change in the schedule or a change in perspective. It has expanded our definition of family and stretched us to rely wholly on our faith.

But this journey is still new, so I’m sure we have more to learn and more ways to change ahead of us than we have behind us.


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