Ten Things of Thankful Week #8

  1. My mom! (Happy Mother’s Day! AND Happy birthday to my mom!)
  2. The Peace that passes understanding.
  3. Long chats with my husband about our future.
  4. My husband’s idea to build a new habit in our marriage: begin each morning with a prayer time together. We are committing to 30 days of making this a priority. Check back in 30 days for a post on what we learn during this month.
  5. My nephew! He turned 5 on 5/5/15.
  6. English teacher nerd moment #1: my new TurnItIn account for my summer class.
  7. English teacher nerd moment #2: my research paper proposal was approved! (This is especially great since I haven’t been this excited about a paper topic in 3 years.)
  8. Motivation (and time) to get an early start on that paper (and hopefully face less stress in the long run).
  9. Quality time with the first friend I made in California. She is moving away! I’m not grateful she’s moving, but I am grateful for her friendship and the new journeys she gets to embark on in marriage and in service to the Lord.
  10. It’s one of my favorite stress relievers…for better or worse.

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