The Lulls

Our spring baseball season just ended, so it’s the time of year when I hear the same question I’ve been asked many times: “What do you and your husband do during the off-season?” Generally, my response is to stare blankly. What off-season? We typically get about 2-3 weeks of a “break” in May, 2 weeks in August, and as many as 4 weeks in December and early January between seasons. But it’s really not time off.

Admittedly, my husband will spend about 24-48 hours almost entirely out-of-commission. He will mostly sleep, and sometimes this is when his body and immune system succumb to the viruses it has been fighting off for months. His body and brain will shut down and relax for the first time since the season started.

After those first two days (usually a weekend), we begin an intense cerebral period of discussing and reflecting on the past season while preparing and planning for the upcoming season. I say “we” because I tend to be his sounding board in the early morning and late evening hours.

We do try to squeeze in a day or two of fun time together, although that may simply consist of me tagging along for an out-of-town recruiting trip. During these lulls, my husband is pretty active in recruiting. Unless I am free to travel with him, this is typically when I see my husband the least. He may go out of town for as many as five days at a time.

If it’s the December break, we will celebrate the holidays and try to visit family if we can afford the trips. During the May and August breaks, my husband will watch MLB and take notes on ideas for coaching his own players to improve at different positions. If it’s the August break, there is a chance we will be moving for a new job opportunity.

After about a week into the between-season time, my husband starts itching to get back to the field. He’ll either dream about baseball or lay awake thinking about baseball.

I call these times “the lulls” because they are not really time off. Sure, they offer breaks from games (which during all other seasons occur 1-4 times each week), and they are breaks from daily trips to the field for practice. But, for my husband, the work doesn’t stop, and baseball certainly does not end.


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