Ten Things of Thankful Week #6

  1. A fun date-day with my husband.
  2. My husband’s passion for his work.
  3. A relaxing Sunday. I don’t remember the last time I went a full day without doing any work.
  4. A short break from grad-school work.
  5. The upcoming documentary by Jonathan Moore: Coaches’ Wives. So exciting!
  6. The litter of baby squirrels living in my yard that keep me endlessly entertained.
  7. I caught mice! I’d seen evidence of mice in my house periodically over the last few months, and I finally caught a couple of the little guys. Let’s hope I’ll be able to catch the rest of the family if they’re out there.
  8. A win! (It had been a while.)
  9. End-of-spring-season baseball cookies success! This is a tradition I enjoy, but icing baseball stitches on 75 cookies kills my wrists, so it takes a full year to motivate me to make them again.
  10. An encouraging—albeit emotional—last game of the season. Watching the guys take the field and leave the field for the last time always gets to me, but my emotional investment is just reassurance of everything I do in this role.

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