A Pep Talk for My Fellow Coaches’ Spouses

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pep Rally.”

Dear Coaches’ Spouses,

You’ve been awesome this season. I am always amazed by how much you can accomplish in such a short amount of time, all while riding an emotional rollercoaster of wins, losses, celebrations, and frustrations. Your words have been words of encouragement and words of harsh truth, yet you seem to know which each situation calls for. You’ve been giving pep talks to coaches, players, and even parents. But you deserve a pep talk too.

When you’re feeling discouraged or burnt out, use these three techniques to renew your spirit:

  1. Give yourself a guilt-free break. Everyone needs a break, and you deserve one. Take time to do something you enjoy. Get pampered. Read for fun. Go out for dinner. Read a book. Catch a movie. Snag some extra sleep. Choose your favorite way to get some R & R, and spend some time doing that without the slightest sense of regret. This can be on your own or with friends—whatever is most rejuvenating to you—and it’s even better if your spouse has time to take a break with you, but don’t let the busy coaching schedule get in your way.
  2. Reminisce on your favorite memories. What made you want to marry this coach? What moments inspired you to get involved in your role as a coach’s spouse? When have you seen the fruits of your labor flourish? What are the most meaningful moments of your marriage beyond the coaching realm? Look for bits of inspiration in those memories.
  3. Re-discover your purpose. Read scriptures and pray over this. You are in this role for a reason, and the Lord will be your strength and utilize your gifts if you dedicate them to His Kingdom. Too much doing without enough reflecting can lead to distraction, and it becomes easy to lose sight of your purpose. Take time to re-discover why you’re here. You may be reminded of your original motivations, or you may even discover something new.

Continue on in the important and meaningful role the Lord reveals to you, whatever it may be.


Mrs. Coach Walk


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