Ten Things of Thankful Week #5

  1. My new car! (Well, new to me, that is…)
  2. My husband’s generosity and willingness to make our car payments work when we’ve gotten so used to not having one.
  3. Bye week. It’s nice to have a break from the craziness of 3 game days per week. (Even if we fill the time with other things, it still feels like a nice break.)
  4. Pitchers’ dinner. It was our last of this school year, so while we enjoyed our time, it’s also a bit of a relief to know we will have a few months off from hosting these meals.
  5. Being DONE with my final paper in one of my last courses for my MA in English.
  6. The reading list in my next class. I am seriously excited to read all of these books, and I haven’t felt that way about a single course since I started this degree program.
  7. Getting to witness our best pitcher sign Division I!
  8. …and our second baseman sign to a top-10 Division II.
  9. Quality girl-time and Target.
  10. I’m approved to teach summer school!

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