Slowing Down

I used to be busy like everyone else. I think I liked being busy. I accomplished a lot, and I felt good about everything I would get done. I’ll be the first to tell you that the busier I am, the better I am at managing my time and prioritizing.

But at what cost?

Many bloggers have been drawing attention to the issue of busyness in our culture. If you are not busy, you are not productive, and if you are not productive, you are not worthy. It’s all a bit absurd if you really think about it.

What really matters in life? Is it really how much you accomplish in the short time you have here?

Consider what our society might look like if we all started ranking relationships and faith above accomplishments and material gains.

Those relationships might still keep us busy—perhaps even busier than we are now—but aren’t they also more enriching to our lives?

For the past eight months, I’ve been significantly less busy than I can remember being since…well, I think since I was in elementary school. Like I said, I thought I liked being busy, but I’ve learned that I love slowing down.

I love having flexibility in my schedule to drop everything when someone I care about has a need I can meet. I love having a break from the continuous feelings of stress and pressure. This also improves my interactions with my husband because we are no longer coming home to a collision of two highly stressful lives. I love the relationships I’ve been able to invest in throughout this time.

Yes, there are costs, and the biggest cost is the cut in income. With a cut in income, there must come a cut in spending. But we find ways to make it work and ways to have fun for free (or at least cheap). We learn to stretch or dollars, and we make it work for us. As many teachers say, “We’re in it for the outcome, not the income.” And, frankly, slowing down creates a greater outcome.


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