The Code of a Coach’s Wife

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Walk the Line.”

I’ve spent much of my life concerned about how young women allow themselves to be treated by young men. Many young women are driven by their desire to be loved and accepted by young men, and they will compromise the standards they set for themselves in order to receive attention from the young men around them.

This practice terrifies me about the society we live in and its future.

During my first year of college, my friends and I would share a saying (source unknown) that girls were like apples. Many guys would pick up the damaged apples off the ground, but it took a great young man to climb to the top of the tree for the best apples. We used this to help each other remember not to lower our standards for any young man.

But not all young ladies can stick to this encouragement.

Now, as a baseball coach’s wife, I interact much more with young men than young women. The players on our team see me in my home and in my marriage. We often hear players comment on how lucky my husband is, or that they hope to find a woman like me someday.

To be fair, they don’t see my imperfections. They see me at my best. They see my support and my generosity. They see my commitment, and they see my faith. I am far from perfect, but they don’t see all the ways I fall short every day. 

My hope is that these young men will raise the standards for the young women in their lives. My hope is that they will look for strong young women who will not waiver in their convictions in order to gain attention. My hope is that they will not give attention to those insecure young ladies.

And as they raise their standards, the young women will  meet those standards.

In short, I hope I can set an example that will change our society one small step at a time.

What do you think, am I a dreamer?


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