12 Things I’ve Learned as a Coach’s Wife in the Desert

  1. Wear sunscreen. Always. Even in the winter.
  2. Forget about rain delays. The schedule is the schedule.
  3. Vacuum, sweep, and dust every day if you want your house to be clean. At least twice each day. Three or four times if you have a dog. Or just get over having a clean house.
  4. Sunglasses block the sun. They also block the dust when there is a gust of wind.
  5. And the desert gets windy.
  6. There is never enough water. Not for me. Not for the team. Not for the ground. That’s why they call it a desert, but you don’t understand it until you live in it.
  7. Don’t drink the tap water. I never thought I’d buy drinking water on a regular basis, but we really have no choice.
  8. The heat becomes normal. You start to dread those “chilly” seventy degree game days.
  9. Weeds are exciting because they are green. They are still not welcome on the baseball field, though.
  10. You miss snow, thunderstorms, and you even miss rain. (After growing up in the PNW, I never thought I’d miss the rain after I left.)
  11. God has not forsaken the desert. The desert is where He forces us to draw nearer to Him and seek Him more intentionally.
  12. The grass is actually greener on the other side. Anyone who says that is just a saying has never lived in the desert.

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