Ten Things of Thankful #1

I’ve decided to join the Ten Things of Thankful event here on WordPress. It’s going to be a challenge sometime to find ten things I’m thankful for in the week, but I know it will be a good and worthwhile challenge, so I’m excited to take it on. If you want to know more about this event, go here

Here’s what made my week this round:

  1. My husband’s positive attitude.
  2. Early morning snuggles with my puggle.
  3. My father-in-law, who fixed up some issues at our house.
  4. I hope that doesn’t sound shallow, but last week’s 0-3 was not fun.
  5. The electrician who got the outlets in our kitchen and bathroom working again. (Seriously, do you realize how much those outlets get used?!)
  6. Long late-night talks with my husband about our purpose.
  7. Spring break!
  8. Being a teacher so spring break still means an actual bit of a break in my world. (Or at least a change of pace.)
  9. Second annual spring break team breakfast. This is absolutely my favorite tradition.
  10. Being almost done with one of my last major papers of my second master’s degree.

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