Think Before You Yell

I once saw a young girl (maybe about seven years old) walk up and take a drink from an umpire’s water bottle. It struck me as strange, but a while later I saw her talking to him. That’s when I realized she’s his daughter.

I always cringed a bit when I heard fans yelling at officials, but this moment intensified that for me.

I’ll admit, I don’t always agree with an official’s calls. [Actually, I have vivid memories of chanting against high school basketball referees.] It’s good for officials to be held accountable, but I’ve learned to leave the arguing to the coaches.

Still, fans yell awful things at umpires. Seriously awful. And entirely inappropriate. No wonder their families don’t usually come to watch the games. But what if they did? What if that seven-year-old daughter is nearby?

It makes you wonder.

If nothing else, imagine this: Someone follows you to work and screams profanities at everything you do.

Does that sound a bit ridiculous? If so, I hope it puts things in perspective.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Imagine All the People.”


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