Trusting My Husband

As we’ve learned to trust in the Lord together, I’ve also learned to trust my husband.

It sounds so simple, but I struggle with a certain need for control that makes it difficult to say the least. I’m very particular about how certain things are done, so I’d rather do them my own way than let someone else do them.

Still, next to learning to trust God, learning to trust my husband to lead in our marriage and our lives has been one of the most important lessons I have learned am learning.

In our first year of marriage, I quickly learned my desire for control has no place in a marriage. Eventually, my husband decided he’d had enough. He asked me to trust him.

That was hard to hear. I thought I did trust him. But he was so right. I needed to trust him with everything and show him I trusted him with everything. I really had no reason not to.

As I started to navigate how to do that, I stumbled across this blog. I identified a great deal with the woman who embarked on this journey, and her post inspired me and gave me an idea of where to start.

I decided to say yes to my husband more often. It’s been two months since I made the decision to be a yes-wife. I’ve made some mistakes. I’ve caught myself saying no in certain circumstances, usually those that require spending money [unnecessarily].

But I’m learning to say yes to my husband without reservation.

All it takes is remembering that our marriage is not a competition. Because he is a baseball coach, my husband’s job is literally to compete. Our home is where he goes to escape the constant competition. My conscious decision to be on his team rather than competing against him at home is one of the greatest gifts I can give him.


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