You Know You’re a Baseball Coach’s Wife When…

I was thrilled when I came across this list on Pinterest (despite the fact that it is the grammatical equivalent of nails on a chalkboard). Most of that list is eerily true. There are some significant shared experiences among the sisterhood of coaches’ wives that cannot be denied. Much of it is specific to football, though, so I was inspired to make my own for baseball.

So, you know you’re a baseball coach’s wife when…

  1. You’ve memorized the recruiting sales pitch and could, if needed, fill in on campus visits and phone calls to sell the school and baseball program.
  2. You automatically triple dinner and dessert recipes to accommodate for players who may stop by—invited or not.
  3. You keep Gold Bond in your purse and think that is completely normal.
  4. You check the weather forecast frequently in an attempt to anticipate what the week’s schedule will actually be.
  5. The college administrators email you to ask what time baseball practice is.
  6. You have more baseball team apparel than regular clothes.
  7. You are the audience when your husband practices giving instructions for various signs… and you understand.
  8. You save a variety of boxes, saying, “This will be perfect for the next time we move.”
  9. Baseball memorabilia is acceptable home décor.
  10. You know exactly how to arrange team gear in the trunk of your sedan so it will fit perfectly.
  11. Instead of watching Hulu or Netflix, you watch recruiting videos and baseball drills on YouTube.
  12. Your pets are named after baseball legends, slogans, and acronyms.
  13. You consider naming your kids after baseball legends.
  14. When you move to a new town, people help you get connected by introducing you to everyone they know who has ever been involved with baseball at any level.
  15. Most conversations with acquaintances begin, “So, how is the team looking?”
  16. You know how to console any 18- to 22-year-old male who is homesick, heartbroken, or otherwise grieving.
  17. When you introduce yourself to a parent or community member for the first time, they already know who you are.
  18. No matter how many baseballs you pick up in your house, more always seem to turn up despite the fact that no one plays baseball inside the house.
  19. You turn everything into a statistic or average.
  20. You wouldn’t trade this lifestyle for anything.

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