New Year, New Blog

Today is the last day of my first year of marriage.

2014 was a true journey. My husband is a college baseball coach, and there are certain things I did not anticipate understand about being a coach’s wife.

The Lord taught me some hard lessons and transformed me in unbelievable ways. I can only imagine those lessons and transformations will continue, so I’ve decided it’s time. It’s time to keep track of what I’ve learned in year one and how I apply those lessons (and new ones) in year two.

I’ve talked to other coaches’ wives. I’ve read several coaches’ wives’ blogs. No two paths are the same, but we do share some triumphs and trials. Even when our stories differ in the details, the important thing is that someone else gets it.

Because too many people don’t. Too many people want our lives to conform to their patterns. They want us to settle down and live a comfortable life with steady careers, to save up to buy a house. But that is not our calling.

It is so much more complex than that. My hope is that those complexities will become clearer over the course of this blog.

But first, I’ll recap year one.

January 2014

January 1 was our wedding day. After a mini-honeymoon at a hotel just miles from our house, I went back to work as a high school English teacher. Days later, my husband spent a weekend on a recruiting trip, giving me the first hint of life as a “baseball widow” (a term I hate and will eventually address why).

February – April 2014

Spring college baseball season. We were lucky. Aside from a week-long trip to Arizona and a weekend in Oklahoma, all of our games were in the state, and I was able to go to most. Our league did not play or practice on Sundays. In my first season as a baseball wife, I was spoiled.

May – July 2014

Summer college baseball season. We owned and operated a team. My husband was the head coach and general manager, and I learned to help where I could. We raised funds, made schedules, rescheduled for weather, kept track of statistics, ordered and sold apparel, and tried to put together some community events. We hosted one player in our home for the summer, and others lived on our couch periodically. We fed the athletes when we could, and we took the team to Denver for 4th of July weekend. I started to figure out my role in taking the weight off my husband’s shoulders, but by the time I did…

Late July – Early August 2014

My husband accepted a new job in California. I backed out of my teaching contract in Kansas, we packed up our house, and we moved to the Golden State. That was a whirlwind. I knew it could happen, but I didn’t understand exactly what that would be like until I went through it. Now I understand it can happen again.

August – November 2014

Fall baseball season. Fall baseball in California is almost as intense as spring baseball in Kansas. Once again, I was fortunate to have my husband free on Sundays, though. When he wasn’t out of town for the weekend on recruiting trips, that is. Meanwhile, I started teaching at the local community college.

December 2014

This is the “off-season.” Baseball season begins again in January. Even in the off-season, my husband has been hard at work creating strength and agility plans, throwing programs, and recruiting. We were able to take a mini-getaway to the beach for an early anniversary trip, and we had some time to celebrate the holidays.

Moving Forward

The lessons embedded in those experiences may not be apparent in this first post, but there is just too much for an overview. Stay tuned for the details of those trials and triumphs.


2 thoughts on “New Year, New Blog

  1. Love this blog already, not only to know my sister more deeply, but also as a fellow coach’s wife, who knows and understands exactly where you’re at. Love to share in this journey with you in a new way! Xoxox


    1. Can I just say that you continually impress me with your strength, heart, and grace. You handle life’s ups and downs with a very positive perspective. God definitely knew what he was doing when he gave you the need and the heart to teach and mentor. You go girl!


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